16 mm Movie Projectors

  Bell & Howell



  Kodak Pageant

  Telex / Singer


Alignment Jigs
Projectors have special service needs that are different than other photographic equipment I have bought many specialized alignment jigs designed especially for projectors. My investment in these jigs assures the proper alignment of your repaired projector. 


Repair Parts
Projectors are subject to more mechanical wear and damage than other camera equipment, so it is imperative that worn parts be replaced with new parts. To ensure a proper repair, we stock projector parts. I will replace worn parts with new original-equipment parts, restoring the worn mechanism to factory specifications. 





    Open form on computer and fill out then print the form.

            Please send a check or money order, made out to RC Patchett, for $70.00 for deposit on repairs.  
Thank you !!